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Take a look at some of the awesome fish and stories from fans of the Motolure®, The World's First Motorized Fishing Lure!

32" 7lbs Caught by Kim Krief, Nelson Lake, Hayward, WI

...4 years ago I invited my father in law to join the fishing tournament. He is an old Northern Pike river fisherman. Well the first year we were skunked and could not even register a fish. The Second year which would have been 2002 was not much better. Well my favorite mother in law felt sorry for us one night while watching QVC and eating bon bons, she saw your Moto Lure advertisement. So she bought some for her husband Denny and her Favorite son in law Kim (that's me).

Well, Denny and I need all the practice we can get so we always go up a couple of days early. I was getting fish left and right with the Moto Lures. Denny finally decided to try his Moto Minnow. Well, like I said Denny is one good Northern Pike killer in the Rock River, but I never said he was good at tying knots. First cast a good Bass hit, well there went the Bass with the lure in its mouth. We followed the fish for a ways because the water is so clear up here in Wisconsin you could see the fish with the lure in its mouth. We finally lost the fish and Denny's secret weapon for the tournament. Our bad luck did not stop after that... The only thing I could attract was a sea gull with the Moto Minnow. This sea gull kept dive-bombing the lure when it was in the water. It thought it was a real minnow. I finally got sick of it and put the rod in the rod holder. Guess what Chuck? The sea gull started dive-bombing the lure in the boat. I finally had to lay the lure and the rod down in the boat. We tried several different locations and still did not catch anything. The large fish started jumping again, so I pulled out the Moto Minnow. I casted my Moto Minnow right where the water rings were and BANG, I caught a 32", 7LB. Northern Pike. My partners and I landed it in the boat. It is now the biggest fish caught in the Annual Jig and Pray Fishing Tournament...

My friend and I have fished together for more than forty years. Jim is the retired Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America, and he has spent the past four decades trying to teach me to be a bass fisherman.

When the Motolures that I ordered arrived yesterday, I immediately called Jim to go fishing today. We both used the same lures, but see the attached for the results.

That is not me in the picture, that is James L. Tarr You have my permission to use the photographs in any way that you choose. You may want to contact Jim, but if he doesn't cooperate, I'll take the lures away from him!

It's been fun acquiring the lures. I'll keep practicing and perhaps one day I will be as good as Jim Tarr and Chuck Woolery!

Rich B - Jackson, Alabama

Rich B - Jackson, Alabama

"I caught this 26 and 1/4 inch Redfish on your Baby Bass Moto Minnow on December 27th, 2002. I was wade fishing that day in about 3 feet of water at Hillsborogh Bay, just south of Tampa, Florida. I hooked the fish on the fourth cast with the Moto Minnow. This was the only Redfish we saw that morning on the flats and he fell pray to your great product. No one else caught anything that day, probably because I was the only one using the right lure! ...Thanks for producing a first rate fishing lure!" Jay Hrusa - Tampa FL


I would like to thank you for such a super product! I was very sceptical at first. Till I took this motolure out to Ouchita yeasterday!

Fishing around tree stickups I caught my first fish. it was a small "brim" on this big lure. I wish the bass were that aggressive!

My next cast was in the same area and after a twitch or two to keep this thing buzzing...BAM!!! an explosion on the surface. I landed this 7lb 4oz beauty!

Thanks for two fun lures to use on the lake. The antisipation of the strike while you sit there in calm water is so exciting when you know it's coming!

"While we were shooting the commercials for Motolure, I caught 60 fish in about an hour an a half. Even in chilly Michigan October waters!"

"I've caught thousands of fish with this lure - nothing is more fun than topwater fishing with Motolure!"

"You've never seen anything like it!"

Chuck Woolery, Game show host and avid fisherman.